March 2, 2024

Instagram could be a highly targetable, visual marketing funnel for the logo and an chance to construct a loyal audience that grows together with your business.

Actually, over 500 million Instagram users see the application every single day, which makes it the place to find probably the most engaged audiences around.

Within this guide, we’ll demonstrate how you can increase your Instagram follower profile while increasing engagement, while growing an enormous following with time-one that’s filled with real fans, not bots or fake supporters.

17 methods for getting more Instagram supporters

Incorporate Reels to your content mix

Mix promote content

Curate your profile grid

Use brand ambassadors

Get follows out of your loyalty program

Market using your personal Instagram account

Jump on feature accounts

Make use of the right hashtags

Publish in the right occasions

Steal your competitors’ supporters

Purchase backed posts and product critiques

Use geotags to improve local discovery

Organize your Tales in highlights

Request more supporters

Operate a giveaway

Share user-generated content

Use Instagram live

Let’s dive much deeper into how you can implement each tactic to obtain more Instagram supporters.

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Incorporate Reels to your content mix

Reels are enjoyable videos you are able to tell supporters in your Instagram account. They’ve audio, effects, and inventive tools. You are able to share them in your feed and openly in Explore to achieve new audiences.

Reels are new territory for brands. Instagram’s beauty partnerships manager, Kristie Dash, mentioned inside a Glossy forum that Reels continue to be a comparatively new method to publish content, there isn’t one formula for achievement. But, she does suggest the following advice to achieve traction:

Keep content unique and trend drive. Identify trends on Instagram and TikTok and set your personal spin onto it. This boosts the chance your Reels goes viral and stand before new people.

Make content relatable and straightforward. Its not all Reel must be a production. Lower quality videos are capable of doing exactly the same, otherwise better, than highly created Reels.

Educate your audience. Discover the balance between education and entertainment inside your Reels.

Reels ought to be an enormous priority for you personally at this time. It’s prime property for the brand to become discovered by new supporters.

Kristen Dash, Beauty Partnerships Manager, Instagram

Social internet marketing agency owner Trilce Jirón Garro, of Tbsp . Marketing, concurs. “Don’t sell your product or service through Reels content. Share details. Provide recommendations on the you’re in. Entertain viewers,” she states.

Trilce shows that both new and existing brands incorporate entertaining Reels to their Instagram strategy. “Reels give anybody the chance to achieve new target audiences. There isn’t any learning curve because Reels submissions are lo-fi. And creators can establish community-driven content that builds trust, gains supporters, and makes sales with time.”

Trilce also loves the Instagram Insights Tool introduced for Reels. “Reels have grown to be a built-in a part of any Instagram online marketing strategy. Analytics tools for Reels makes it simple to track metrics and evaluate data to find out if your Reels will work. Now, you are able to understand precisely what your audience preferences, when you should publish Reels, and just what calls to action resonate with viewers.”

Using Reels Insights, you can observe patterns and understand different spikes in engagement affecting your visibility around the platform. This way, you may create greater-quality content that will get much more engagement and supporters.

Need assistance developing a Reels strategy? Read Why and the way to Use Instagram Reels to promote Your Shopify Store to find out more.

Mix promote content

Mix-promoting involves posting similar content across various social networking channels. It’s a tactic accustomed to save your time and sources. It is also good at growing brand awareness and growing a crowd on Instagram.

Mobile users are spending an growing period of time with video and entertainment apps, with video content on social networking platforms comprising the greatest increase. Whether it’s a brief-form video or extended tutorial, you need to enhance the achieve of the Instagram content.

Justin Bieber’s holiday dance challenge is a superb illustration of effective mix-posting. Throughout the 2020 holidays, the Canadian singer published exactly the same dance challenge on TikTok and Instagram. On TikTok, his video short received 9.8 million likes. Exactly the same content on Instagram received 4.8 million likes. He could stand before more and more people simply by posting exactly the same video on two different platforms.

mix-promoting on instagram

Nadya Okamoto, founding father of lifestyle period brand August, finds that TikTok naturally mix-pollinates to Instagram and YouTube. She states within an interview with Modern Retail, “As we’ve grown on TikTok from August, we’ve also grown to 175,000 supporters on Instagram.” Positively posting on multiple platforms has “affected our total cost of acquisitions to become super effective,” allowing the company to avoid compensated media like a primary acquisition funnel.

TikTok isn’t the only real funnel you are able to mix-publish on. The Instagram Reels format translates well to YouTube Shorts and Pinterest Tales. It’s worth noting that Instagram’s formula won’t promote Reels which have a TikTok watermark. Therefore if you’re likely to mix-publish content from Instagram with other channels, make sure the content is top quality and doesn’t promote a competing platform through watermarks.

Curate your profile grid

Much of your supporters won’t follow you for which you published previously as well as the commitment of what you’ll publish later on. Your audience wants to be aware what they’re getting when they hit such as the following button.

Getting an rss feed having a consistent theme along with a consistent posting schedule might have as much of the impact in growing followers as most of the other growth strategies we’ve covered above. A simple pattern can lure new supporters, as lengthy as it’s conveyed initially glance to anybody who arrives at your profile.

Think about your Instagram bio as well as your last nine posts as the first impression on Instagram. Will they effectively communicate some extent of consistency through personality, filters, colors, or layout? Will the clickable link send individuals to exactly the same homepage each week? Or are you currently linking to exciting and fun content too?

Design of the grid is definitely an frequently undervalued method of getting creative using the aesthetic of the feed while adding a rhythm for your publishing strategy and consistency that’s worth following.

Actually, many accounts that adopt this method are frequently in a position to cut back effort on creating content by concentrating on converting visitors into supporters, producing text graphics or any other quite happy with a quicker turnaround, and streamlining the general manufacture of their Instagram content.

Use a tool like Later to simply organize and schedule the appearance and layout of the feed. Letterfolk is simply one illustration of what lengths some brands opt for the aesthetic of the Instagram layout.

letterfolk grid

Your feed can serve as the billboard for the brand. It’s a customer’s first touchpoint along with you and captures the essence of the brand.

Trilce Jiron, Tbsp . Marketing

Use brand ambassadors

Shouldn’t spend the money for celebrity influencer big dollars to promote your brand? Works together with brand ambassadors who’ve between around 200 to some couple of 1000 supporters. Ambassadors are individuals who genuinely support and have confidence in your logo and will inform their buddies about this.

Luxury shoe store Sarah Flint reports seeing success using its brand ambassador program, that has over 500 women. Each ambassador has their own promo code, which provides them a totally free set of Sarah Flint footwear after five new clients utilize it.

Ambassadors like Carol Hollon verify the standard and luxury from the brand’s footwear. Her posts are authentic and relatable to regular Sarah Flint shoppers. This can help the company grow its Instagram following and produce sales.

Carol Hollon IG influencer

Get follows out of your loyalty program

Retailers are more and more launching loyalty programs, frequently encouraging customers to shop using their brand over another. It’s labored for brands like Sephora and Blume. One of the ways brands are taking advantage of loyalty programs is as simple as rewarding individuals who follow them on Instagram.

When luxury store Rebecca Minkoff launched its rewards program, RM Rewards, it gave shoppers the choice to earn points by using the brand’s Instagram account. Brands like Blume will also be locating the value in rewarding Instagram supporters. Program people can earn Blume Dollars for being a friend on Instagram versus Facebook.

Blume rewards program example

Market using your personal Instagram account

One other popular method to improve your Instagram following keeps growing your individual account-essentially, be the influencer. Harnessing both the organization account as well as your personal account can increase brand recognition, follower counts, and purchasers. Pro tip: You may also run this playbook on TikTok to enhance your figures.

It’s a tactic that work well for fashion label ANINE BING. Additionally towards the brand’s Instagram profile, their founder also drives engagement and awareness through her personal Instagram page, that has more than one million supporters.

Anine Bing instagram profile

Anine invites supporters into her design studio, takes them with the design process, as well as will get feedback from supporters through the creative process. Anine also shares a little about her personal existence and milestones, giving supporters an optimum behind the curtains of the favorite designer’s existence.

Jump on feature accounts

Instagram feature accounts are pages that curate the very best content inside a specific niche. They’re such as the “best of” photo journals to have an industry. Some feature accounts possess a massive following. When you get placement around the account, it may send new Instagram supporters for your profile.

You will find feature makes up about every niche: travel, fashion, photography, and much more. For instance, discoverearth curates adventurous travel content from around the globe for more than 6.a million supporters.

Uncover Earth feature page

Make use of the right hashtags

Your ultimate goal on Instagram would be to engage your present audience regularly whilst growing your quantity of real supporters. Posting new, interesting, and interesting photos will fulfill the first requirement, but to start growing you’ll find hashtagging your photos very important. Hashtagging allows people trying to find specific terms to locate your photos.

So which hashtags if you work with? Much like with Twitter along with other places to waste time, users on Instagram choose certain hashtags over others. If you are using popular Instagram hashtags in your photos, you’re more likely to achieve new users and become discovered.

During the time of this writing, they were the very best 20 hashtags on Instagram:
















summer time





Should you checked out their list and stated, “But none of individuals affect my products or brand,” you’re likely correct.

Using hashtags is a factor while using right tags is totally different.

Popular tags such as the ones in the above list will probably internet you extra engagement and likes. However, they won’t result in elevated lengthy-term engagement, new interested supporters, or, most significantly, sales.

If you wish to tag your photos correctly, it’s important to find and employ probably the most relevant hashtags. What this means is doing the right research to make certain you’re using hashtags that does not only describe your brand however that will also be being looked for on Instagram.

To locate relevant hashtags, you’ll desire to use a totally free online tool like IconoSquare or Webstagram to begin.

Below, I made use of Webstagram to locate relevant, related, and popular hashtags in my men’s accessory business by trying to find key hashtags carefully associated with my brand.

For example, searching the hashtag #MensFashion, I could pull the list below of more keyword hashtags combined with the quantity of occasions they’ve been used (i.e., their recognition).

hashtag examples

There are also more related hashtags as well as their recognition should you look for all of your target keywords directly within the Instagram application.

You’ll want to undergo this exercise trying different keywords that describe your logo and products, building your hashtag keyword list along the way.

Bear in mind that Instagram enables for no more than 30 hashtags per publish. Furthermore, the most popular words can change with time, so make certain you revisit your hashtag keywords every couple of several weeks so you are using the perfect terms.

You may also steal hashtag ideas from competitors or similar accounts which have the type of following you desire to, but ultimately, you need to make your own categories of hashtags that report for your specific account.

Pro tip #1: Here’s a trick I personally use in my ecommerce companies. For each product and product category within my stores, I’ve researched typically the most popular related Instagram hashtags. I created 15-20 popular hashtags for every group of products I sell, in addition to a base of 5 to 10 popular tags that describe my logo and product offering. Finally, I additionally produced a summary of popular local specific hashtags that report to my brand.

For instance:

Brand keyword hashtags

mybrandname #mensfashion #mensaccessories #mensgoods #fashion #mensstyle #instafashion #menswear

Product category keyword hashtags

bugatchisocks #happysocks #corgisocks #socks #sockswag #socksoftheday #sockgame #sockswagg #socksofinstagram #happysockday #sockwars #funsocks #happysockday

Location-specific keyword hashtags

Toronto #TorontoFashion #TorontoFashionBloggers

Many of these categories of keyword hashtags are kept in a webpage on Evernote. This will make it simple and easy , efficient when I’m on the run to publish a brand new Instagram image enhanced which are more relevant keywords.

It is simple to open my Evernote and duplicate my standard brand-, product-, and placement-specific hashtags to publish with every photo. Some Instagram scheduling tools also allow you to save caption templates for storing your hashtag groups.

Carrying it out of researching, organizing, and saving probably the most relevant and popular hashtags upfront could save you a lot of time lower the street, improve your engagement, which help garner new supporters.

Pro tip #2: If you were posting to Instagram for some time and feel you’ve overlooked each one of these possibilities to construct your audience using keyword hashtags, don’t worry. You may still return and publish a remark together with your new hashtag keyword lists watching the likes and supporters roll in.

Using hashtags in Instagram tales

Hashtagging on Instagram posts is really a given, but it’s also wise to be utilising hashtags inside your Tales for the opportunity to be viewed by users who follow that exact hashtag.

You should use hashtag stickers (that exist within the Instagram Stickers menu when designing a tale) or simply hashtag directly inside your captions for an opportunity to become featured inside a hashtag story.

Since users can follow hashtags, your Tales on Instagram are able to appear by those who are after that hashtag and anybody who’s just checking it.

Publish in the right occasions

Beyond adding the right hashtags and taking advantage of the very best filters to obtain more Instagram supporters, opt for the timing of the posts.

A targeted approach involves analyzing what’s and it has not labored for you personally previously. By going to IconoSquare’s optimization section, you can aquire a detailed analysis of the posting history versus engagement. This report may also highlight the very best occasions during the day and days each week to publish.

The under eye circles indicate whenever you usually publish media. The sunshine grey circles show whenever your community continues to be interacting. The greatest light grey circles represent the very best occasions that you should publish.

There is also lots of great insight free of charge from Instagram analytics for business accounts, found underneath the Supporters section.

You might want to get a social networking scheduling tool to instantly publish you whenever your audience is easily the most engaged.

Steal your competitors’ supporters

Among the best methods to find and attract a brand new following is as simple as searching for your nearest competitors’ Instagram accounts and interesting using their audiences. These folks have previously proven some degree of curiosity about these products you carry by simply following competitors.

How do we effectively steal your competitors’ supporters? By engaging together. There are many methods to build relationships Instagram users, and also the more work you devote, the greater supporters and repeat engagement you’ll get free from it.

The 3 kinds of engagement on Instagram are:

Consume a user

Just like a photo

Discuss a photograph

Never be afraid to make use of an emoji or more to include some personality for your text.

Purchase backed posts and product critiques

All of this enhanced posting for your requirements is excellent, however if you simply actually want to increase Instagram supporters, you’ll need to benefit from influencer marketing and expose your brand to some wider audience.

So, how can you do this? First, unlike the tactics to develop Instagram supporters pointed out above, that one usually isn’t free. However, if done properly, it’s of excellent value.

To obtain began, it’s important to create a list of huge accounts inside your niche. For instance, let’s say you sell beauty items, you’ll wish to find large accounts from beauty bloggers.

You might be following these accounts, but when not, it’s important to locate them. Among the best ways is by using Webstagram (pointed out earlier) and check for a few of the nearest hashtag keywords you uncovered at first of the publish. Whenever you perform a look for keywords, it will not only demonstrate the attached keywords, it will likewise demonstrate the very best Instagram accounts which include individuals keywords.

There are a handful of factors to consider within the profiles results:

A sizable following-usually 20,000 to 200,000

Their email within the profile

If there’s their email within the profile, it always means the account is available to backed posts or perhaps a shoutout inside a backed Story.

You’ll wish to email and get their backed publish prices. Generally, I’ve discovered the typical rate to be with $20 to $50 per publish, with respect to the size the next.

However, if you are selling a distinctive and original product, you may even be thinking about delivering your products for that influencer to examine and publish. Usually, the greater natural and fewer advertisement-such as the image, the higher the engagement and response.

You do not always need influencers having a massive following to obtain more supporters on Instagram, but instead ones having a high engagement rate (likes and comments in accordance with follower count), which many influencer marketplaces can offer.

Use geotags to improve local discovery

Besides hashtags, you may also help make your Instagram posts and Tales discoverable by tagging where you are-either the town you’re in or even the venue in which the photo or video was taken.

Locations not just their very own Instagram feed but additionally their very own Story, and hashtags that you could lead to if you use the place sticker in your Tales.

Local companies can obtain the most value from location tags by posting regularly to those feeds as well as engaging with posts from potential customers who’re physically nearby.

Organize your Tales into Highlights

Each time a potential follower arrives at your company profile, you’ve got a short time to convince these to follow you.

One method to do that is to apply the Highlights feature in your profile to arrange your Instagram Tales in a manner that communicates what your bank account is all about.

Since Tales possess a 24-hour lifespan, Highlights may be used to provide them with another existence and lure others to follow along with you so that they don’t lose out on more Tales later on.

Use Story Highlights to develop Instagram supporters by:

Creating trailers that tease what your bank account is all about

Organizing your Tales into styles (like countries you’ve visited, for travel accounts)

Explaining your product or service through videos and pictures

Request more supporters

It may sound apparent, however it should be stated: Never be afraid to from time to time ask your audience to follow along with you.

Exactly the same way YouTubers ask their viewers to follow along with them in the finish of the videos, you should consider asking viewers to follow along with you for additional content.

Sometimes people might enjoy that which you released on Instagram but require a nudge before they really follow you.

You may also do that inside your Instagram captions, arrange it to your content by pitching what your audience can get when they follow you or by meaning at content that’s approaching they won’t wish to miss.

Operate a giveaway

Among the best types of comments you will get on any social networking publish, not only Instagram, happens when one user tags a buddy. Furthermore these comments lead for your post’s engagement, which causes it to be favorable towards the Instagram formula, but each tag brings a new audience member who showed up via a recommendation and who you may choose to make an impression on like a follower.

One method to encourage this behavior is as simple as posting relatable content that begs for 1:1 discussing (e.g., a fitness center meme that insists upon tag a buddy who skips leg day). However a more reliable strategy is by managing a giveaway that encourages your audience to tag a buddy and follow your bank account.

Follow Instagram’s promotion guidelines and then any legal needs for running an Instagram contest that applies inside your country of operation.

For inspiration, here’s one particualr effective product giveaway from Philip Kingsley that incentivizes individuals to follow its account and tag a buddy for the opportunity to win a group.

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Share user-generated content

User-generated content (UGC) is any kind of content-for example videos, photos, reviews, audio, and much more-that you simply curate from fans or supporters. It’s an important tool inside your marketing arsenal for gaining supporters on Instagram. UGC helps humanize your brand by featuring real people, with real tales, that demonstrate your products in tangible existence and builds a far more having faith in relationship with prospective customers.

Besides your audience love their fifteen minutes of fame in your Instagram feed, featuring them helps drive more sales inside your online shop. Based on research from Olapic, consumers today are 56% more prone to purchase something having seen a photograph from the product shared by customers.

Take Fashion Nova, for instance. The internet retailer’s Instagram account depends on user-generated content.

Fashion Nova’s user-generated content provides it with use of a large number of pictures from people around the globe to see its audience-pictures that both showcase the brand’s values and encourage supporters to interact using its posts and purchase the garments real individuals are putting on.

With regards to creating user-generated content for the online shop, begin by asking people to share their most favorite encounters and pictures together with your products by:

Developing a branded hashtag feed where customers can publish images

Adding a proactive approach inside your Instagram bio

Managing a contest

Contacting influencers

Adding an “ask” for user-generated content inside your packaging

Remember, the aim of UGC would be to show a geniune look at your product or service. If some customers give back lower-quality photos that also highlight your products’ best features, never be afraid for their services.

Use Instagram Live

Live video is paramount to managing a effective online marketing strategy on any social networking platform. With Instagram, you should use Instagram Live to stream videos for your supporters and interact together in tangible-time.

Whenever your brand starts an active video stream, a diamond ring encases your profile picture in Instagram Tales to inform supporters they are able to take a look. Supporters also get a notification when you begin an active video. When you finish your livestream, you are able to upload it for your Story for twenty-four hrs.

Keep in mind that Instagram Live is interactive. Your supporters will most likely comment while you’re live, so attempt to acknowledge their comments and discover methods for getting these to participate.