March 2, 2024

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Yesterday’s announcement that Facebook is altering its name to Meta might be an unexpected to a lot of people. In the following paragraphs, Alexa Greaves, Chief executive officer at provides an introduction to the modification, including why it happened and just what this means for most of us.

First of all, it’s worth clarifying that before week ‘Facebook’ really was the reputation for a couple of things:

‘Facebook’, the social networking platform

‘Facebook Corporation.’, parents company which owns Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp and much more.

The name change refers back to the parent company, that will certainly be referred to as ‘Meta’.

Why has Facebook altered its name?

Many reasons exist Meta has likely selected to create this transformation now.

The cynical view is this fact belongs to a PR proceed to distance parents company in the recent issues faced by ‘Facebook’ the social networking platform. That’s most likely only a small sector from it.

Parents company owns a large number of smaller sized entities. Including Instagram and Whatsapp, but additionally many technologies which help Meta to enhance information systems and supply ground-breaking virtual reality and augmented reality services.

The name change rarely is in a spur-of-the-moment decision or perhaps a knee-jerk response to some bad press. Much more likely it’s a means of making parents company a definite entity, free of the associations using the social networking platform.

It provides a clearer picture within the eyes of everyone (and investors) that Facebook is simply one a part of Meta’s arsenal. It’ll make any future acquisitions within the tech space feel a lot more natural and sensible.

This mirrors the choice by ‘Google’ to rebrand as ‘Alphabet’, separating parents company in the public picture of the internet search engine.

Exactly what does it mean for me personally?

For most people, the name change doesn’t mean anything. Facebook the social networking platform continues to be known as Facebook. It’s just of a business having a different name.

Why Meta?

Meta is an extremely neat method of explaining the way the parent company sees itself.

Most of the company’s recent acquisitions will be in the virtual/augmented reality space. The greatest-profile purchase recently was Oculus, the VR gaming equipment.

‘Meta’ is most generally used as a means of indicating something which ‘sits above’ another thing. For instance, ‘Metascience’ could be research into research. ‘Metanews’ is news concerning the news. ‘Metapolitics’ may be the politics of politics.

In this manner, Meta is reflecting the parent company sits in a greater level than its assets. A business that owns and runs companies.

However, ‘meta’ also likely refers back to the additional layer of expertise that is supplied by virtual and augmented reality technology. Mark Zuckerberg has recommended this move is the initial step towards his company developing a ‘Metaverse’ (where users can attend virtual concerts, virtual conferences, and much more).

How effective ‘Meta’ come in developing a ‘Metaverse’ is determined by adoption. Virtual the truth is still a fringe technology, despite growing recognition. However, those are the best-placed company on the planet to offer the ambitious task.

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