March 2, 2024

If you are a novice towards the Crunchyroll anime streaming platform and immediately discover that the Crunchyroll application or website isn’t working whatsoever, it may be your geolocation that’s the issue. In the following paragraphs, I’ll let you know that to find out if that’s the situation and the way to circumvent that problem with an inexpensive Virtual private network.

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Dang! We couldn’t connect with Crunchyroll error

Exactly why is Crunchyroll no longer working?

How you can determine whether your geolocation is supported

How you can Access Crunchyroll from geo-blocked locations

Dang! We couldn’t connect with Crunchyroll Error

As being a hardcore anime fanatic, I’ve been searching for the best place to watch anime online. Since I’m no more a higher-school student, I’m able to pay the streaming platform memberships and also have used Netflix for that longest time.

However, based on where you are, the Netflix anime selection may not be the very best. I’d prevented Crunchyroll for that longest some time and finally made the decision to drag the trigger to determine what all of the hype involved. And So I registered, began a totally free trial, and loaded in the Crunchyroll mobile application.

But when I did…

Dang! We could not connect with Crunchyroll screenshot

Dang! We couldn’t connect with Crunchyroll Error

If you notice this error check:

In case your internet/wireless is working

If other apps will work, like YouTube or Netflix

Should you choose the above mentioned checks plus they all pass, I’m sorry to let you know that Crunchyroll is most likely not supported inside your country.

Exactly why is Crunchyroll No Longer Working?

Answer: You’re inside a country where it’s not supported.

Therefore if you’re a new comer to Crunchyroll and immediately begin to see the above error within the application, or you log to the Crunchyroll website on PC out on another use whatever anime titles available here, then the problem is probably your geolocation.

What this means is Crunchyroll isn’t supported inside your country. If you are wondering why, for the reason that of licensing issues. Remember this famous story if this was announced you could watch Ghibli films on Netflix?

The main reason these areas don’t have the films is the fact that licensing contracts derive from country. Netflix may be permitted to stream a particular film or show in the usa, although not in Canada.

Similarly, Crunchyroll anime title availability differs by region. You could possibly watch Attack on Titan around the platform in america, but away from the Philippines, for instance.

How you can determine whether your geolocation is supported

Regrettably, Crunchyroll does not have a summary of supported countries (no clue why). But the simplest way to check on would be to a. find out if Crunchyroll is even just in your application store (on mobile) or b. open the Crunchyroll anime list on desktop and find out contrary appears. If no anime titles appear, then exactly why Crunchyroll isn’t working is the fact that it isn’t supported inside your country =(

For instance, this is exactly what I see in Japan (a rustic where it isn’t supported):

How you can access Crunchyroll from geo-blocked locations

But take it easy, you may still access Crunchyroll even when you’re inside a geo-blocked location.

The operation is simple:

Obtain a cheap Virtual private network (incidents where have free trials)

Connect your Virtual private network to some country with a decent Crunchyroll library (such as the United kingdom or even the US)

Obvious cache in your Crunchyroll application or open your desktop browser in incognito mode

Open Crunchyroll (via application or desktop)

Select your preferred anime and begin watching!

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